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Starbucks does it, shouldn’t you?

Starbucks does it, shouldn’t you?

Are you giving your customers free WiFi?

If so, what are you getting in return? What if you could take that WiFi and send offers and newsletters directly to your customers? Well, now you can and it’s so simple! Marketing your business and managing your technology is hard work, and you need someone in your corner to help deal with details. Why not let Symban take that off your plate? We will help you with the three “I’s.” Identify your customer, Interact with your customer, and Increase your sales.

How does it work?

When your guests want access to the Internet at your establishment, they simply choose the Symban WiFi network on their device. No more passwords to hand out! Next, they’re presented with a beautiful, mobile-friendly, completely branded connection page that displays your information. It also can display scrolling promotions or specials that you can add and change as often as you like from within our administration dashboard. You, as the owner, will have access 24/7 to the dashboard.

The guest then simply clicks ‘connect’ and chooses the method to connect, whether through their social media account or just by using their e-mail address. And it’s as simple as that! Your guest is online and ready to surf the net just as they would at home to check their e-mail, check their social media accounts or any other activity.

We can limit their connection time based on your business needs to prevent “table parking” and we limit the bandwidth allocated to them so that every user receives a stable connection and your merchant and back-office systems always have the bandwidth they need to function.

Starbucks does it, shouldn’t you?

Starbucks WiFi Login Page
Starbucks does it, shouldn’t you?
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