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Learn more about Safer Drinking

Send us an email, call us, or submit a request and we’ll get in touch shortly. Girls Night Out is an initiative near and dear to our hearts. We noticed an obvious problem and set out to fix it. Everyone with a driver’s license knows that drunk driving is illegal. Drivers should also know that the breath alcohol limit for impaired driving is .08, but when you have had a few drinks with friends, how do you know for certain that you are within the legal limit before driving? Most people simply assume, and hope for the best. Our on-premise devices allow responsible patrons a means to know their current breath alcohol level, and what their options are… safe to drive, stay a little longer and eat, or get a ride. We welcome your participation as a Member, Sponsor, or Agency to help this cause.

The establishments and brands that are a part of the Safer Drinking network agree that you should enjoy yourself as much as you like and have agreed to provide you with the Safer Drinking tools so that you can have fun and be safe.

  • What is Safer Drinking?

    We provide Breathalyzers for free in the establishments that agree with our philosophy of empowering patrons to drink confidently and responsibly.

  • Become a Member

    Our team at Safer Drinking would like to partner with you in our Member program, at no cost, to keep your customers happy, loyal, and safe.

  • Sponsorship Network

    Safer Drinking offers your company or organization the unique opportunity to build your brand’s exposure by sponsoring Breathalyzer machines that will help save lives. BreathalyzerOur Machines

Our Breathalyzers are of the highest quality, comparable to those used by law enforcement with full Platinum sensor technology and they are the most accurate on the market – when used as directed.

This accuracy translates into the real world information that your patrons need to make the right decision.

Make it Your Own

If our sleek subtle design doesn’t fit in with your decor, we are able to customize it for your needs.

Why Become a Member?

All businesses are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. We provide you a way to show your customers that you care about their well-being. You will also be building community good-will while lowering your liability costs and raising your profitability and media profile. All for FREE!

Membership Benefits

  • Earn Money

    Earn a revenue share as the device is used and even a share of sponsorships! Ask us how.

  • Free Device

    We install a free device into your establishment where we will continuously monitor, maintain, stock and calibrate it.

  • Ad Placement

    Up to 10 spots on the device to advertise drink and meal specials, upcoming events and other messages reminding them to take care of their servers and bartenders or just plain “have fun” messages.

  • Landing Page

    You will receive a full profile Landing Page on our website that you can modify any time which will be prominently displayed on the front page from time to time as our featured location.

  • Events and Specials

    Your profile can also include events and specials to help your search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Media Exposure

    We will notify all the local news media that one of our devices is in your establishment which may prompt them to give you media exposure in the form of a local interest/business, human interest or safety story.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention

    You will have higher customer retention from several factors, not the least of which is that customers that are “over the limit” are most likely going to stay and have a few more drinks (since they are already done driving for the night) or have a meal to help sober up.

  • Give Back

    You will be recognized for giving back to the community via our support for both the Police Officer Assistance Trust & the Firefighter Support Foundation. We can also make the donation in your name along with ours.

  • Certificate of Installation

    Finally you will receive a certificate of installation and compliance that could help you lower your liability insurance rates with your carrier. Please check with your carrier for more details.

Questions? Call, email, or submit your question. We’re happy to help!

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