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Secure WiFi

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Case Study

Read how we helped a restaurant become PCI compliant!

With our fully monitored, high-availability, PCI/DSS compliant wireless networking access points you can grow in many ways. Accept payment at the table, extend your corporate network into your stores, bring wireless to the farthest reaches of your locations, and more!

  • Secure access to corporate assets
  • Process credit cards at the table in compliance with PCI/DSS
  • Provide wireless access virtually anywhere
  • Strengthen your bottom line with free guest WiFi access

Using our PoE (Power over Ethernet) capable access points you can place our access points virtually anywhere and not have to worry about running a new outlet. If you have an outlet but no network connections, we can still work. We can even accommodate particularly challenging environments using our mesh capabilities. In a nutshell, our access points all speak to each other and determine the best route for your traffic creating a fast, self healing, distributed network with maximum availability.

Wifi Access Point

Secure, Reliable, and Monitored… SMART WiFi!

In today’s environment, security is a top concern for all companies. Not only because you must comply with PCI/DSS (read more here) in order to process credit card transactions, but because your corporate, employee, and patrons’ confidential information is at stake.

“When your business becomes PCI compliant, you’ve made a commitment to continuously maintain a baseline standard for protecting credit card data. PCI compliance makes your business less likely to experience a payment data breach, and there are obviously many financial benefits in keeping data thieves at bay!.”
PCI DSS Compliant

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