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Sakura 736

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Welcome to Sakura 736, a culinary experience that will take you on a cultural journey for all the senses. “Nikkei” is not a contrived fusion fare, but one born naturally by the convergence of two distinct cultures. In fact, some say that Nikkei translates to beautiful love child, and throughout this epicurean odyssey, you will understand why.

In the late 1800’s a vessel called the Sakura Maru transported 790 Japanese men to Peru in pursuit of prosperity. This peaceful expedition resulted in the largest Japanese emigration to South America, and the fusion of these two cultures culminated a dazzling harmony of flavors and textures.

A natural synergy, the roots of Nikkei cuisine lie in the significance both traditions give to fresh seafood. Nikkei cuisine is not an influence of one cuisine over the other, but gastronomic natural selection at its best. The elegance and simplicity of Japanese food merges with flavors and technique used in Peru, to deliver exceptional dishes and endless possibilities. We invite you to explore 736 with us, open your senses, and indulge as we pay homage to the Sakura Maru that evoked this flawless spawn of culinary copulation.